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Are you looking for a proper, efficient and awesome digital or remote learning solution that truly fits the needs of your users/employees? You have the wish to set this up yourself but nee are not completely sure how? Then we can help you in achieving that. With the years of expertise in this industry we exactly know when, how, where, who and how much it will take to get it designed, developed and implemented. Contact us for a free consultancy call and find out if we can be of assistance to you. It does not cost you more than maximal an hour of your time, so what are you waiting on?

Personalized learning solutions

Having trouble to get that e-learning properly designed or implemented? We accept your challenge to get it done properly with an wow and eye-candy factor while still being effective in the results that need to be achieved.

This we boldly dare to say through the knowledge and practice that we gathered from more than 20 years of experience in this Industry.

Personalized Learning Experience Platform (FinalLEP)

Missing a learning or content deployment platform (LMS/LXP)  that truly aligns with your business need without the complex bells and whistles that you need to maintain or have a vendor inline to support for? We offer a simple though effective Platform that just does that. FinalLEP for sure ! Click the image to find out more.

Final LXP

Customized Learning Solutions

Looking for a learning solution that really fits your (companies) needs?

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Customized Learning System

Are you lost in the field of Learning Management Systems? Want a real LMS that is build for (small) enterprises? Need better user experience in your current LMS?

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Support Services

we supply freelance / project basis / interim support on any kind of service needed with designing, developing, implementing and maintaining (digital) learning solutions.

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Instructional Design & eLearning Development

We are active on social media with our own community where we provide you guys with tips and tricks on Advanced Instructional Design and Learning Experience Design and E-Learning Development.

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We accept your challenge on providing you with the knowledge to design, develop and implement a porper, efficient digital learning experience.

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Workshops / Courses

Want to easily develop, implement and maintain digital or blended learning in your company youself?

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Albert Vis

Mail: albert@createlearning.nl
Phone: +31 (0)65 061 7085

Evelien van Unen

Mail: evelien@createlearning.nl
Phone: +31 (0)61 606 8547

“Our mission is to help organisations and businesses to design, develop, implement and maintain Digital / Blended / Remote learning solutions themselves.”

Please also have a look on our blogspace where you can find all kind of info on (e)Learning Experience Design & Advanced instructional Design and e-Learning Design & Development:

E-Learning Experience Design
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