About us

Albert and Evelien, founders and main point of contacts for CreatElearning, have a long history with eachother in the Learning Industry. They have worked with eachother for over 15 years. They started together at a vocutary institute within a e-learning deparment and ventured together into commercial challenges with the same company until 2015.

Besides working at the same company they also did a lot of projects and freelance work together. In those endevours they met strong and capable peers, vendors, supplier and grew their network that eventually ended up in the cooperation called CreatElearning.

In their endevours they have been / are privileged to work with(in) various industries as pioneers in E-Learning design and Development and (e)Learning Experience Design / Architecture. It be in production / manufacturing, commercial services, health-care, pharmaceuticals, logistics (air, sea, road), governmental, etc.


Having a strong and divers network of freelancers working for one umbrella gives us the ability to make sure we have the right resources in place for each project while maintaining a low overhead cost and still being able to provide legal, solid and strong support.

We know the walk and talk of this industry and find it to be our mission to make sure everyone understand and properly make use of that what we call e-learning.

If you are serious about setting up blended or e-learning within your company, or you are lost in the landscape of this industry, then give us a call. We are not here to sell you the best looking or most cheap compliance training, but want to have a developed solution for you in a way that really works for all (learner, admin, business).

We are ambitious and passioned in our trade and usually do know after one call how to assist you or provide you with enough input so you can go your own way. Stop being satisfied with expensive e-learning solutions that are more about taking your money than really solving a knowledge or performance problem.

Please contact us for a free orientation discussion. We are looking forward to hear your challenge!

Mail: albert@createlearning.nl
Tel: +31 (0)65 061 7085

Mail: evelien@createlearning.nl
Tel: +31 (0)61 606 8547

You would also be able to contact us through Whatsapp. Please the button in the below right corner to get connected.

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