Workshops / Courses

Do you want to develop, implement and maintain digital, blended learning yourself? No matter the platform you are using (Moodle, Totara, Cornerstone, SAP MyLearning, Blackboard, Canvas, Docebo, Talent LMS, FinalLEP, etc.)

We offer and provide complete training (remote / incorporate) in the area of all this.

  • Learn to understand Instructional Design / Learning Experience Design basics.
  • Learn on a high level media asset design, development and deployability needs.
  • Learn on a high level to use graphical design principles like UI/UX and more.
  • Leart on a high level the usage of industry standard development tools like Articulate Rise, Storyline, Camtasia, Photoshop, Illustrator, vanimation and video editing and more.
  • Learn to manage Learning asset development and implementation projects (proper project management methodology for this).
  • Learn how to search, procure and manage external learning vendors.

Just provide us with your exact needs and we will put together a program from the training list that will meet your needs.

In the Netherlands we would be able to provide incorporate, digital or on a proposed location. Outside of the Netherlands in Europe or around the world we will provide digital options or discuss on options to fly in.

After our training you or your employees are more than capable to design, develop and deploy all kinds of digital or blended learning.

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