Customized Learning System

Do you have need for a Learning Management System that really connect with your needs and wishes?

We offer a complete Learning Experience Platform (LXP / LEP) == LMS 2.0, that is truly customizable to your needs with the future in mind!


The core values of this system are aimed at optimal user experience for your employees / users and it’s administrators. No you do not need any complex technical or IT background to be able to manage the system or it’s content. The system if perfect you if you value an easy, innovative, efficient and (the worlds first) future technology ready Learning Content System.

The system lends itself perfectly for commercial industries like corperates, industrial manufactoring and subjects like compliance, onboarding, process and procedural knowledge, etc.

It has functionalities like the ability to develop and maintain easily, quickly and personalized learningjourneys. This with the ability to feed the system with various media content like :

  • Industry standard Learning packages (SCORM & AICC developed with Rise, Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia)
  • Video (MP4, Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Audio / Podcasts (Wav, MP3, Spotify)
  • General links
  • Infographics
  • Various documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF)

The architecture of the system is equipped with usability that allows you to always have a clear insight in where you are located in the system and will be able to navigate within 3 to 4 clicks to anywhere you need to be (in the system; We are not yet on that level of Star-Trek technology yet, though our programmers are! 🙂 ).

The reports from the dashboard are simple and straightforward. This so you know at glance how everyone is doing. Need to have more insights? You can build very easily a custom report on any asset, group or person without needing to know how to combine complex data! Our custom reporting tool allows for you to just click away with the filters that you need.

Besides this all, our system can also be expanded with our custom plug-ins that we build and offer like:

  • Social Media plugin ( the ability to have people discuss and comment on subjects and or content)
  • Page Builder plugin ( the ability to design and share a custom made homepage)
  • Program Designer plugin (the ability to graphically design a program with a clickable routemap)
  • Remote Learning intergration plugin (the ability to embed vILT tools that your company uses)
  • etc.

We guarantee you that all users of the system will be happy in the way they can use our system, it be the learner, admin or business.

But talk is just talk, contact us for a demo without any obligations whatsoever just to show off our system and help you to think differently about Learning Management Systems / Learning Experience System that truly is ready for the future!


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